Music therapy

At present, music therapy is performed in cooperation with CKP Roseta (every Thursday from 9.00 AM), it is an everyday part of hiporehabilitation stays and occasionally it is also offered during hiporehabilitation weekends in Holubice.

Music therapy is a therapeutic method that uses music as a therapeutic element. It is intended both for handicapped children and for children with specific learning disorders, and for healthy children. The impact of music on a handicapped child is very complex. It affects basic functions of the organisms, locomotor system and cognitive functions. Another important benefit is the integrated group.

Music therapy content

  • singing with indicating the rhythm
  • playing rhythmical instruments
  • playing recorders and mouth organs
  • listening
  • relaxing exercise using music
  • musical games
  • music therapy exercises
  • dancing

Music therapy effect

  • improved perception of body scheme and coordination
  • improved fine motor skills, rhythmization
  • practicing correct breathing stereotype, expanding lung capacity, improving orofacial functions
  • overall harmonizing of the organism and of its vital functions
  • social integration
  • supporting positive attitude towards music
  • improving memory, concentration, attention and overall improvement of school results
  • supporting left-right, spatial and time orientation
  • developing communication skills and capabilities
  • developing laterality and cooperation of brain hemispheres