Riding courses for (disabled) children and adults

C. H. Mirákl, o.p.s offers courses for adults and children over five years of age under the supervision of the trainer Kateřina Karásková. For this purpose we have well-trained and reliable horses.

Trainings are individual; the trainer always has only one rider in the course. The individual training is mostly focused on development of the child's or adult's skills.

We also offer courses for handicapped children with the possibility to attend para-dressage competitions. In those cases the children must attend hipotherapy first and they can be included in riding courses. That can take 14 days, but sometimes also half a year. In our association we have this rule because health condition of the handicapped children is the most important factor for us, more important than sport results. It can also happen that the health condition of a child will get worse and that the child will be returned to hipotherapy for several months.

Offered course types

  • 1. training type – 60 minutes involves horse preparation in a box, during which theory is discussed, children learn to work with the horse, to handle, saddle and lead it, and then the riding lesson as such follows.

  • 2. training type – 30 minutes includes only riding training for the child. The child will come to the prepared, saddled horse and the course consists only in riding.

The riding part of the training is individual, based on the child's age and skills. For smaller children, 30 minutes is the maximum time for which they are able to ride correctly in order to improve their capabilities. After a longer time they would get tired and the training would be too physically demanding for them in order for it to be effective. For older or more experienced kids the time in the horse's box with theoretical training is shortened and the riding part of the training gets longer. Even for those children 45 minutes is the maximum possible time for high-quality training.


The price for 60 minute training is 500 CZK, for 30 minutes it is 250 CZK.