Para-equestrian as a hiporehabilitation discipline focuses on sport results. In contrast to "non-para" competitions, horses for para-equestrian are specially selected and trained in order to provide riders with maximum safety.

The rules have been adjusted for some competitions, in some disciplines the racers with and without health handicap compete on the same level. Maximum safety measures and adherence to the rule "the possibility of risk must never exceed the possible benefits" go without saying.

Para-equestrian has the following disciplines:

  • para-voltige,
  • para-western,
  • para-show jumping,
  • para-dressage,
  • para-harness riding.

In our association we focus mainly on preparing children for para-dressage. The rider performs a pre-selected task in a rectangle of 20×40 or 20×60 m, on the borders of which there are 8–12 letters. Para-dressage competitions take place that are adapted to the possibilities of the para-dressage riders. If para-dressage riders pass an examination required to obtain a licence from the Czech Federation for Equestrian Sports (CFES), they can also participate in regular dressage competitions. Every year, Czech Para-dressage Championship and the Para-dressage Cup gala evening take place.