Week-long hiporehabilitation stays at the Q ranch

Upcoming terms in 2014

June 14. 6. – 21. 6. 2014
July 28. 6. – 5. 7. 2014
July 27. 7. – 3. 8. 2014
August 16. 8. – 23. 8. 2014
October 3. 10. – 10. 10. 2014

Week-long hiporehabilitation stays

Intensive hiporehabilitation stays take place in the summer months (June–September) at the Q ranch not far from the town of Jihlava. Hipotherapy is included twice a day; the price for the stay also includes other additional therapies. You can decide yourself which ones you want to participate in. We offer music therapy, AUH, canistherapy, art program and physiotherapeutic consultations for your child. For an extra charge, parents can take part in physiotherapy, massages and horse riding.

Terms of the stays are always announced at the beginning of the year. They will be sent to you by e-mail and also published in the News section. To enroll for a stay, send an e-mail to rezervace@chmirakl.cz or fill in an application form online.

Information about the premises

Place of stay: Pavlov – Bezděkov, Q ranch

GPS coordinates: 49°14'57.751"N 15°31'39.543"E

Q ranch is located in the beautiful and clean region of Vysočina. Accommodation on Q ranch has a capacity of 50 beds; there is a big restaurant for 50 people, a small restaurant for 25 people and an African lounge for 15 people. Unfortunately the ranch is not wheelchair accessible, rooms in the categories LUX and AFRIKA are on the second floor. A great advantage of the premises is a roofed hall, in which hipotherapy can take place in bad weather. Accommodated guests can also use Jacuzzi, sauna, massage shower and a salt cave for 400 CZK/hr. (max. 6 people at a time). There is a playground for children directly on the premises. Rooms are equipped only with showers, it is therefore recommended to bring a baby bath for smaller children. In the dining room there is only one children's chair, we therefore recommend that you bring your own.

General information

The stays always start from Saturday. Rooms will be ready for you after 12.00 (noon). After you arrive, register at the reception desk in the restaurant, where you will be given a key to your room.

We begin with afternoon therapy from 4.00 PM. You will be informed about the detailed program of Saturday hipotherapy (on the arrival day) by e-mail one week before the arrival. If this time does not suit you, please let us know and we will shift the ride time for you. The dinner will be served from 6.00 PM. You will be able to select from two meals, breakfast will be in the form of a cold buffet. When you want to go on a trip, you can cancel your lunch, but always a day before (ideally during the dinner). You will receive a cold take-away lunch. The bought drinks (espresso, alcohol) can be ordered to your room and paid at the end of your stay. Lemonade and tea will be available freely as part of your full board. It is not possible to cook your own food in the premises, but it is possible to arrange special food for your child with the cooks - even outside the regular eating hours - including different diet types. There will be a common refrigerator that you will be able to use.

We always end with lunch on Saturday. Check-out time is at 10.00 AM (or later when with permission of the owner).

Program of the stay

Rough program of the stay is as follows (the times are adjusted according to the times when children sleep):

7.30 breakfast
9.00 AUH (horse cleaning and preparation in the stable – in the left section of the pension)
9.30 hipotherapy
Each day a detailed schedule with the order of children will be displayed on a notice board in the dining hall, each day the order can be adapted to your requirements.
11.00–12.00 individual therapy (canistherapy, physiotherapeutic consultations, massages for the adults)
Therapy will be taking place outside or in the conference room.
12.00 lunch
13.30–15.00 art program ("dining room" in the left section of the building)
15.00–16.00 individual therapy (canistherapy, physiotherapeutic consultations, massages for the adults)
16.00 hipotherapy
18.00 dinner
19.00 singing with a guitar and other musical instruments ("dining room" in the left section of the building)

Detailed schedule of rides will be displayed on the notice board in the dining hall; it is always prepared on the previous day during dinner. If you need special therapy types due to planned trips, please inform the head physiotherapist accordingly at this time.

Rooms at Q ranch

The rooms are divided into two sections:

The LUX category (shower, toilet, wash basin, central heating, television and a spacious balcony)

room No. 6 and 9 double bed and an individual bed
room No. 7, 8 and 11 double bed
room No. 12 and 15 two individual beds
room No. 10 and 14 three individual beds
room No. 13 four beds

The price for a room in the LUX category is 600 CZK/day/full board.

The AFRIKA category (shower, toilet, wash basin, hot-air heating, without balcony)

room No. 1 double bed
room No. 2, 3 and 4 three individual beds
room No. 5 double bed

The price for a room in the AFRIKA category is 550 CZK/day/full board.

Financial conditions for accommodation:

The LUX category 600 CZK/day/full board
AFRIKA category 550 CZK/day/full board
children (regardless the accommodation type) 350 CZK/day/full board
children without food and bed no charge
pets 150 CZK/day

The accommodation will be paid for in cash on the day of arrival. Q ranch does not accept credit cards; the closest ATM machine is 6 km away.

Financial conditions for the HR program

We ask you to pay one month before your stay.

Amount: 4,200 CZK/child
Variable symbol: the same as for daycare hipotherapy
Message for recipient: child's name + HR stay

Account number: 107-3994350237/0100 (Komerční banka)

Additional program for children

Physiotherapeutic consultations

Children who participate in hipotherapy for the first time must be examined first at the beginning of the stay. For that purpose, hipotherapists will contact their parents individually. We would like to ask you to bring copies of all medical reports and documents necessary for determining the diagnosis (e.g. maternity hospital report, genetics report etc.).

We offer physiotherapeutic consultations for children who have already been engaged in hipotherapy for a longer time. We will be happy to recommend different variants of care for your child; both physiologic approaches and the possibility of other rehabilitation approaches in order to achieve complex care for your child.


Canistherapy is another animotherapeutic method that uses dogs for the treatment. Our association has two canistherapy dogs – golden retrievers Jambie and Barny. The course of therapy is individual according to the needs of the child; its length is usually 20 minutes. The therapeutic unit is usually focused on:

  • improvement of gross motor skills (Bobath concept and positioning are used),
  • improvement of fine motor skills (pictures and rewards for dogs are used),
  • improvement of mental skills (playing with dogs, obedience training, outdoor skills),
  • improvement of speech and cognitive functions (using special speech therapy aids).

Music therapy

Music therapy is a therapeutic method that uses music as a therapeutic element. It is performed as a group therapy, very rarely as an individual therapy at our stays. The impact of music on a handicapped child is very strong. Due to our possibilities (group music therapy with children of different ages) we use only the following elements:

  • singing with indicating the rhythm (improved perception of body scheme and coordination),
  • rhythmic instruments (improved fine motor skills, rhythmization),
  • playing recorders, mouth organs (practicing correct breathing stereotype, expanding lung capacity, improving orofacial functions),
  • listening (improving bodily functions),
  • musical games (social integration).

But the most important element is the work in a group of children of different ages and with different physical problems.

Activities using horses

During our stays we also offer the possibility of AUH each morning before the morning hipotherapy in the stable. More information about the impact of this therapy can be found on our website under the section Hipotherapy. We are able to adapt this therapy to all our clients, even the smallest ones.

Art program

It is an additional activity that is usually included in the program after lunch. We begin with reading a fairy tale, and then we draw the fairy tale's theme. The program is again adjusted to all children; mothers often like to create something, too.

Physiotherapeutic consultations for adults

If you suffer from pain of the locomotor system or just need to have a rest for a while, you can use our offer of physiotherapy and massages for adults. Physiotherapeutic consultations include locomotor system examination, based on the results of the examination we perform therapy and recommend home exercise; or we offer you a possibility to further solve your problem and provide you with contacts to specialists. If you just want to have a pleasant rest for a while, we offer relaxation or sport massages.

Price: 400 CZK/60 minutes, 200 CZK/30 minutes

Activities using horses for adults

For parents we also offer basics of training and horse riding. The lessons will include basic information concerning horse training (also for hipotherapy) and care for horses, training on a longe in a saddle but also on a blanket. You will be able to try hipotherapeutic positions that your children use. Rides or riding hall trainings can be arranged for more experienced riders.

Price: 400 CZK/60 minutes