Group exercise for children

Nowadays, group exercise for children is organized only in cooperation with CKP Roseta in Prague 4. The exercise is divided into three groups:

Exercise for babies – every Thursday 10.00–11.00 AM

The main impact of the exercise lies in the group of children, who are a motivation element for mastering new motor skills, as well as in a special attention a physiotherapist pays to the psychomotor development of your child. In that way it is possible to discover uneven development in a child early enough to get rid of it in time, so it is not usually necessary to use Vojta method exercises.

Exercise for toddlers – every Thursday 11.00–12.00 AM

The importance of this exercise lies namely in the larger group of children. At early age children learn namely by imitating and thus they can “watch and copy” other motion patterns (walking, crawling) from other children. Regular supervision of a therapist over the motor development of your child is an inseparable part of this course.

Exercise for preschoolers – every Wednesday from 4.00 PM

This is the period of considerable development of motor abilities of your child. Thanks to the exercise for preschoolers you will ensure a regular supervision of your child´s motor system, which has vital importance for back pain prevention and other functional problems in adulthood. Children over 3 who are able to exercise by themselves can take part in this course.

Content of the exercise

  • stretching and strengthening exercises aimed at the correction of incorrect body posture,
  • exercise according to the concept of sensomotor stimulation (unstable platforms, large balls),
  • games aimed at overall motor development of the child,
  • relaxation exercises with elements of yoga and Feldenkreis method,
  • application of elements from physiotherapeutic approaches according to Brugger and Bobath,
  • exercise according to developmental kinesiology.

Importance of the exercise

  • correction of bad body posture,
  • prevention of back pain and occurrence of functional problems in adulthood,
  • motor development of the child,
  • establishing positive attitude to sport,
  • development of fine motorics and preparation for school,
  • socialization, increase in attention and concentration.

What to bring

Sport clothes, shoes are not necessary – we exercise barefoot.