Training hiporehabilitation horses

The civic association C. H. Mirákl offers the possibility to train a horse for hiporehabilitation, led by the experienced horse trainer Gabriela Lomská. The horses ate prepared for hipotherapy, dressage and para-dressage. We offer training of your horse of any age for hipotherapy, as well as a possibility of its preparation from the saddle for the purposes of para-dressage.

The preparation for hipotherapy consists of work from the ground, which is the main content of the horse´s work in training, then longe work, which is necessary for correct muscularity of your horse and also for its physical condition and fitness. The offer further entails basic training of the horse from the saddle. If it is a young so far unsaddled horse, we include also saddling and the following basic training.

In case you are interested in further training and the following training of your horse from the saddle, for better manageability of the horse, improvement of its physical abilities, better flexibility and cooperation, or for its overall preparation for the purpose of para-dressage, this possibility is available as well. We will be working intensively with your horse; the duration of its training will be longer than in the previous option, but naturally more complex and more advantageous both for you and for your horse. The horse will then be perfectly prepared for work with handicapped children and adults in all respects, and will be able to perform in sport events.

And further we offer the possibility of consultation in the choice of a horse suitable for the purpose of hiporehabilitation training. After consulting with you the type of horse you would need, we are capable of selecting several horses for you, or we can also go to have a look at the horses selected by you, try them and choose the most suitable one.

Pricelist of services

Preparation of a horse for pro hipotherapy 5,000 CZK/month
Complex preparation of a horse for hipotherapy, para-dressage 7,000 CZK/month
Consultation in the choice of a hipotherapy horse 500 CZK/day

The prices do not include stabling of the horse. The ideal possibility is to stable the horse on the Holubice premises, our home ground, so we could work with it daily. Another option is to bring the horse to our stable, but this does not enable everyday training and the horse must be from somewhere around Prague. The price of the latter option has to be negotiated.