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Do you know how horses and dogs help sick people? What do they have to be able to do? And how do we care for animals that help us? What does a horse or a dog need to be happy? This and much more you can learn in our educational program for elementary school children.

The program is divided into three sections. In the beginning the children will see an example of stable work. We will show them where the horses live, what they need, how we have to care for them regularly. They will try some basic activities themselves. The horses are specially trained for hiporehabilitation, they are used to working with children from 3 months of age.

Then we will discuss animotherapy (treatment with the help of animals) with practical examples of horse and dog training. Children will learn basic information about hipotherapy and canistherapy. They will see pictures from the treatment of children and also learn a lot about children who need those animals. They will try some basic animal training commands themselves.

The third part of the program is focused on horse riding as such. We ride one horse that has been specially trained for hipotherapy (on a blanket with handles); a leader and a physiotherapist are always present during the ride. It is possible for parents to ask for a physiotherapist's report concerning the clinical condition of the child's locomotor system during the hipotherapy with an conclusion whether motor treatment (physiotherapy) is necessary for the child or not.

Art program is prepared for the other children in an examining room nearby the stables during the rides. Children can also use a trampoline and a playground. Tea will be prepared for the children; snacks can also be arranged if required. In bad weather we can use our roofed hall.


Barbora Kunstovná
Phone: +420 605 830 245


Based on the number of children, the basic duration is:
2 hrs. – 1,500 CZK (max. 10 children)
2, 5 hrs. – 1,900 CZK (max. 15 children)
3 hrs. – 2,200 CZK (max. 20 children)


Usually on Friday afternoon, other days can be arranged as well.


By car or by bus line No. 316 from the subway station Dejvická to the end stop Holubice, from there it is about 2 minute walk to the farm.